Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's Spring...Time for an Update!

Where did winter go?  Basketball, Christmas, swimming, hitting lessons.  It just flew right on buy and now it's hardcore baseball season. Yes, Ty and Ace are playing on 2 teams a piece this Spring.  They like it so we're making it happen.
Ty's on the White Sox and the Reds (what a colorful Easter basket full of gear) and Ace is going to be really disappointed if he's not on the Braves and the Cardinals.  We'll find out soon.
In more news...
-We're going to FL tomorrow.  Well, me and the boys.  It's baseball season.  Daddy can't travel with us during the season so we have a family trip planned for June.  
-The only reason I'm typing all this out is because I'm updating my running watch and I'm backing up my iPhone.  Oh, and I'm waiting for laundry to finish. Who cares that I have to wake up at 3am.
-Speaking of running watch...holy marathon training Batman.  Last weekend was 18 miles.  We have 2 more long weekend runs of 20 miles each and this weekend I have to run by myself.  Ouch. At least I'll be at the beach.  Amen.
-Friday night after UofL lost (no kidding) Ace screams "Mama, I puked!".  Awesome.  Poor kiddo was miserable all night.  He woke up feeling fine except it took him a few days to shake some of the after-effects.  Sunday night, after UK won, I got the bug.  Miserable.  So miserable.  Ace couldn't figure out how the bug got from him to me.
-Ty's reading has improved SO MUCH.  So proud of him.  He had Leadership night this week and this was in his packet of work:
Photo: This is a picture of Ty's behavior chart at school. The assignment was to draw what you were scared of and then to write a sentence about your picture. 
Ty is afraid of yellows. Actually, he says "I was about to draw a dinosaur but I don't even know how to spell that word." 
Well played Ty Man!
 The assignment was to draw what you were scared of and then to write a sentence about your picture. 
Ty is afraid of yellows. Actually, he says "I was about to draw a dinosaur but I don't even know how to spell that word." 
-Louisville.  My town.  My home.  Well, it's just so hard to get there these days.  The boys are so involved with sports and Church (hello, Ty's in a Dinner Theater production this spring AND a play at Kindergarten.  he loves to sing!) and then with Todd's crazy baseball schedule I feel like it's a puzzle trying to piece it all together.  For many years I went there like every other weekend, then once a month.  Yeah...those days are over.  I they'd come.  Sad, but grateful to make my boys happy.

-PCB:  Long time no see.  I'll be there early in the morning.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sometimes the BEST Dates are...3 Years Old

Last night I had a date. 
Photo: My dinner date. I gave a quarter to try "wacamole". He ate a burger and fries. At a Mexican restaurant. #unAmerican
Mama's Boy.  This kid told me all of his Spanish words and then the waiter came and sat at our table to teach him more words.  He didn't understand the soccer/futbol sitation.  He was all, "I played soccer and Ty played football but it's over now.  It's baseball time."  He knows what's up!
He promised me tacos sounded good and I offered a quarter for him to try guacamole.  "wackamole" was spit in his napkin (we're classy like that) and he ate a hamburger (hold the bun) and fries.  At a "authentic" Mexican restaurant.  
We talked about the fish tank that was right behind my head.  The fish liked my ponytail, he said.  The "poop eater" fish was going to eat my ponytail, he said.
It was a heart to heart talk.
Kylan, Ty, and Ryleigh 
Ty enjoyed a birthday party followed by a trip to Evansville to a fun putt-putt/laser-tag/video game place.  It was a sleepover and this morning when I picked him up on our way to church he was so proud.  He had a blast.  He was so proud to tell little bro' how much fun he had and how when he turns 5 he gets to do "big kid" things like that.
5 going on 15
Daddy is traveling because, it's baseball season. While Ty is sort of but not really self sufficient, it sure was easier having just one kiddo to get ready for church today.   My parents came to hang out with us for the day.  We went to Mama's Table for lunch...delish...after church, went fishing, I ran, we went to an Upward basketball celebration and then to our churches' childrens dinner theater practice.

Sunday night is our prep night.  Stuff has to get taken care of on Sundays in order the week to work somewhat normal.  Normal = Busy but strategically planned.  The boys are cuddling on the couch right now while I finish slurping noodles from my gourmet Fazoli's supper.  I'm getting ready to book some pretty important plane tickets for some pretty important summer vacations.  Then I'm getting ready to pack backpacks and set clothes out for the week.  

And, by the look of my dry cleaning pile I'm pretty sure I'm paying their rent for the month of March.  Ironing ain't happening in this house anytime soon.  We're in survival mode and you gotta do what you gotta do!  (sort of irrelevant, but should my boys dress shirts cost the same to press and Todd's XL shirts?  Ace's shirts are 1/4th of the fabric amount.  Irks me...)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Photoshoot for Valentines Day

These pictures were taken with my new love.
My new camera.
For their Valentine cards.
Because the days are limited that they'll let me do picture Valentines for their classmates.
 I love his cheesy grin.  He makes me smile.
 He's pretty handsome...if I do say so myself...
Ace Man.  Acey.
This kid...he is always "on".  Like, he knows he's funny.  But sometimes he's trying to be really serious and tell us something and he has no idea how funny he is being.
He's got a whole bunch of my Memaw (his great-grandma) in him.
Bless his heart.

I've been told that I do too.
My Mom says...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

He was trying to catch snowflakes in his mouth.
Then he nailed me with a snowball.  
That made him happy...

Now it's time to make 14 additional loom bracelets for Ty's class party and a golf Valentine box.  I sure did try to buy one off etsy but shipping cost more than the box.
Ace is getting Fun Dip Valentines because they can do candy Valentine's at preschool.  I'm sure all those parents will LOVE me sending home pure sugar for their babies.
I tried to get the boys to wear their tuxedo shirts for church today for these pictures and Ace refused to wear his "mosquito" (rhymes with tuxedo...I guess) shirt today because it made him itchy.
So just for the record...

They wore these shirts to church a few weeks ago.  Ace said " I can't put my hands down Mama, I'm praising the Lord!"
Can't argue with that!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Am Proud

Marathon training is underway.  We're aren't following our strict schedule that we all had to buy special "training calendars" for due to the thick layer of ice outside and the sub zero temps but...
we're trying.
Exhibit A: 

Now I realize snow isn't a big deal for runners up North.  In Kentucky, it gets us all in a tizzy.  We have been burning the treadmill rubber for the last 2 weeks.  We felt like Hamsters with A.D.D.  We have been turning 5 miles runs into broken runs with pit stops.   We usually mixed it up with a set of weights and a set of abs to mix up the workout. The only positive there is that A.  we are more educated in the morning because we get to watch the news and B.  we run faster.
This morning, we decided to brave the roads.  We ran in the middle of the main roads in town to avoid the ice.  Ha.  We all slid in and at the end we had to walk to avoid an injury.
We survived thank goodness, but the mad rush to get home was pointless because the boys basketball games were cancelled due to the amount of snow we got DURING our run this morning.
The boys and myself sulked over the news for a bit and then decided to go to the gym to practice basketball ourselves.
Ty and I turned our practice session into a little educational lesson too:  count baskets by 2's and spell words like dribble, rebound, basketball, shoot, and pass.  I mean, they have been out of school for a week.
Ace played with us, of course, and then he turned into photographer.  In fact he took 106 pictures.  
He kept asked me to "do it again" and I'm not going to even lie and tell you that I didn't like that.  
I've spent thousands of hours on the basketball court in my lifetime.  My Dad was right.  There's nothing better than spending time with your kiddos playing sports you love.
Todd is spending most of his time right now working out his baseball team because it's crunch time.  Nothing will stop him from getting his boys a little BP in though...even if he has spent 8 hours practicing with 40 other players.  There are perks to your Daddy having indoor hitting building as an office.  

We may work more than most parents.  We may have lofty goals for ourselves and our families.  Our careers are important to us.  Our church is more important to us.  Our Boys sports are our social life.  Our weekends are jam packed with "fun" stuff mixed in with chores and maybe, just maybe a nap.  Our week nights are filled with homework, practices, quick suppers that should probably be healthier, and cuddles on the couch because we know those days are limited.   

I'm proud of our wonderful, crazy, busy, calendar filled, jam packed, scheduled, beautiful life.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Favorite Superbowl Halftime Show

Todd and I met at a Superbowl Party.
You know, the one with Janet and Justin.  Yeah...
Bruno and Justin can sing and entertain, but nothing will ever top this halftime show in the basement of our house.
My babies stole the show:

Thank you Jesus for allowing me to be their Mama. I am so blessed!