Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Update Part 1

I'm typing this sitting in the bathtub. I'm eating an Aunt Dorothy brownie (I don't need it, I want it...), a candle is burning, and I'm helping Ty with his summer workbook before he goes to bed through the door.
This is the first night the 4 of us have been at home all before 9pm in about a month. 
Summer has been...awesome.
But we Lillpop's don't sit still. Our calendars are jam packed and full of fun. We work hard and play harder. 
My running group...well, it's dwindled to a solid 3 since marathon training is still going at it at 5am 6 of the 7 days a week.  This morning we got a wild hair and did some crossfit workout named "Barbara" and ran 4 miles. Barabara's mean. I'm typing that because I'm soaking in the tub for a reason. 250 air squats.
The point of this post was...pictures.
Of course, Instagram is still my fav but...

Friday, May 30, 2014

School's Out For Summer!

And just like that, Kindergarten nĂºmero uno is ova!
He's pumped.
This year included so many new things.  His teacher, Ms. Wells, was a blessing to us and she loved on Ty Man just like her own grand kids. This was a "practice" year as we knew going in we would be doing Kindergarten 2x's because of his late birthday. 

Ty is now picking up books and reading and doing math problems (word problems too!).  He played basketball, 3 different baseball teams, football, golf, and swimming. He performed at the kindergarten musical. And, he made so many new friends...

It's bittersweet to end the year as he'll be at our local neighborhood school next year and not with most of the kiddos he has attended school with for most of his life.

It's time for "real" Kindergarten, says Ty.
Here we come Audubon.  See ya in August!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Easter Sunday 2014

Easter Sunday.  AKA, the day Todd wore coral pants to church.
I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was pretty proud of myself of the family outfit theme I put together for Easter this year.  The boys wore Crewcuts Seersucker suits and ties with the most adorable little Sperry's that matched to perfection...

And then Todd and I wore a combo of coral and blues however there isn't a picture to prove it. 
Todd doesn't balk too much at the clothes I choose for him so he happily wore the 'fit I had prepared.  So, he says.
Anyhow, the weekend started with baseball.  Actually, a 16 mile run and then baseball.  It was Jamboree day for both of Ty's leagues.  Here was our schedule...
Ty:  8:30am Reds game
Ace:  10:00am Y game
Ty:  10:00am White Sox parade
Ty:  12:00pm Reds game
Ty:  12:45 pm Reds game
Both:  Glow in the Dark Easter Egg hunt at church

Ty:  3:30 White Sox game

I'm documenting this for the days that I feel like I can't go on.  My parents came in town to help me transport, feed, and be present for the boys.  Todd was playing at his field (which is close to Southern, Ty's White Sox fields).  His parents help him at his games so the entire family was living and breathing baseball.  

Ace feel asleep at Ty's last game and so my parents took him to pick up the best bbq and sides at Old Hickory.  After we all got home and collapsed, Ty wanted to go back outside and play.  Baseball. 
The same kid that played 4 games earlier in the day.  The one that go to run on his Daddy's field while he was throwing BP to boast "I hit a home run!" after game 1 of the day.  Daddy's players made Ty feel like a rockstar. 
So we did. 
After an Easter Egg hunt.
Then we ate orange ice cream because "it's Papaw's favorite". 
Sunday we celebrated Jesus.  Mom and Dad joined us for church and we went to Mama's Table for brunch afterwards.  We took a little break (to breathe) after that and went to Golfland because the Easter bunny brought them a coupon each for a trip there.  

We celebrated Easter with Todd's family at Cheddar's (notice a theme here?  clearly, food is a priority...) followed by an Egg hunt at Todd's parents. 

These boys sure do keep us busy...

and that's a good thing!

Monday, May 5, 2014

My First & Last Marathon

I'm only typing this little ditty (I've always wanted to say that) because if I ever even think to myself "I'm going to run a marathon again" I need something to knock me back down a few notches.
Yesterday I ran a marathon.
At the Expo...still sort of excited.
26.2 miles.
And, it wasn't just any marathon.  It was the Cincinnati Flying Pig marathon...aka, the run that the devil created.
The run was 90% mountains hills.  Uphill to be exact.
I'm going to recap the race and try to remember some of the commentary just for laughs (for me.  laughs for me.  because i've cried way too much the last 36 hours...).
Before. This was like 4:30am our time or something "normal" for us...we do run before the sun rises.
Before the race:  Not real nervous.  Little did I know I should have been.  My goal:  to finish standing up (ha...almost didn't happen). I ran into a girl that I knew from home (Louisville)...small world!  We were prepped for hills from miles 6-8.5.  Dena,was going to be at mile 10/11 and run for a bit (perfect...I thought...) to keep me motivated.  Then as the time was getting close I went all "what in the world am I paying money for this for???"
Go Time: Honestly, miles 1-6 were really a breeze.  I wasn't tired, I wasn't hurting, and I kind of felt like I was holding back (mentally...in preparation for the mountain we'd heard about.).  At one point I thought we were back in Ohio, but really we were in KY.  The weather was perfect.
Mile 6:  Hmm...the hills.  Oh, the hills.  At this point I was all 20 more.  I've done 20 2x's.  I can do this.
Mile 7.5:  Dena?
Mile 8.5:  Deeeeeeena?  Where are you?????
Mile 9-11: We passed several churches and I was looking for holy water and I'm a Southern Baptist.  It's funny the thoughts that come across your mind while running stupid long distances. "They cancel church for a race?" "There is no way THAT woman is going to beat me!"  Funny sign..."Run fast, I tooted!"
Mile 11 ish):  D joined me and I was hoping I'd have this massive burst of energy and life would be grand and...that didn't happen.  My left foot...the same one I had to get xrays of 2 months ago was hurting.  Bad. My left achilles...I wanted to cut it off.  Of course that made me overcompensate on my right side and my hip.  Oh, my right hip.  I couldn't NOT think about my aching body.  D kept talking and I was holding her back.  I simply could not GO.  By this time it was like 1,893 degrees outside.  Okay, like 80 but dang.  I have sunburnt shoulders to prove it!
At about mile 15 I was ready to call it quits.
But, my heart wouldn't let me.  I have never quit anything in my life, and there was no way I was going let aches and pains stop me.  Because clearly, I have issues with "taking it easy" when I'm injured.
So, I decided to run/walk the rest of it.
I stopped sweating at about mile 14 so I made sure to drink as much as I could but I was just done.  I kept thinking about the people that had my bib number and were getting the text updates.  At first I was embarrassed.  Then I was mad at myself for signing up. And, then when I was the "Finish Swine" (another incline...) it was just a big range of emotion.  (OMG, I'm going to die.  I just did a marathon! How.many.more.steps?  My hip is shaking?  I just popped something.  I'm dead.)
Done. Fake smiles.  Miserable.
It took me longer that I wanted to finish but I have a medal to prove to my boys when they're taking care of me after my knee replacements that their Mama set a goal at the age of 32 and accomplished it.  A goal that less than 1% of the population can say they have achieved.  Something I will never, ever do again.
I'm only half crazy. 13.1...until we meet again!
Photo: "Mama, thank you for giving me your medal!" Nice try Ty Cannon.  #runflyingpig
This guy was proud of me.  He thanked me for his medal.
They greeted me with the biggest hug when we got back to my parents house to pick them up.  I needed it.    

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Peek Into our Weekend

This about sums up how I feel right now. It's Sunday night and I.am.exhausted. Ace fell asleep on a hymnal tonight at our church business meeting. I wanted to jump up and down and scream hallelujah when he did so, however I opted to text a friend this picture with the caption "Amen" instead.

Let's reverse back to Friday to sum up this weekend the right way.
I got a letter less than 48 hours prior to the event telling me that Friday afternoon Ty had the opportunity to visit the school he'll be attending next year.  Thank goodness my boss understands...so, I left work early Friday so that I could get the boys and take them to visit Ty's "real" Kindergarten as he's been saying for the last year.
He quickly decided what teacher he wanted next year and he couldn't understand why the cafeteria was so much smaller that his current school.  You know, because that's important.  
After our visit we played the rest of the evening outside and grilled out.  Good times.
Saturday we went to healthy kids day at my gym.
Gamefaces.  Ty's not into my picture taking as much as Ace Man is these days.
Why does Ty look 10 here?

Ace had a tball game "on the grass".  It's "pretend tball".  Poor kid just wants some dirt...
Pretty sure when I played tball in 1985 there wasn't a mid-game "break".
He kind of likes his helmet, so he fanagled Cheese Itz and Gatorade throught the mask. I choose my battles.
After Ace's game, we at lunch in the car while waiting for the car wash.  Then we saw Disney's Bear Movie.  Then we went to a local farm and fed Baby Pigs...
The little piggy Acey was feeding eventually ate the nipple off the bottle while I was feeding him.  I kept talking to the pig like it was Babe.  Sweet little boogers.  
This picture makes me laugh.  We are so not "farm" people.
After the farm we went and got haircuts and then Ty had practice.  Ace was a holy terror during the practice and I was crying because I knew I had to go to the grocery with him on the way home.
We managed, and then we played outside until dark again.
Sunday...today...was church and then family kite day...
Perfect kite up high...
After flying kites and catching frogs the boys and I went home for a little rest time before Dinner Theater Rehearsal for Ty and church.
Ace passed out, Ty sang, and we wrapped the night up coincidently with some friends at our favorite local Mexican, El Tucan.
I forgot to mention, Todd's in West Virginia.  Well, he was.  He was busy SWEEPIN' teams and taking names (they're having an awesome season...for real!), and I was busy making sure Ty and Ace had a weekend to remember.
And, I'm pretty sure they did.  Exhausting, but their smiles were worth it!