Wednesday, August 27, 2014

End of Summer 2014

Summer is almost over.  And by that I mean summer temps because this girl doesn't get a summer.  And by that I mean Mama still works during said summer temps.
However, we have lived it up.  And laughed.  Because...
This kid.  There has not been one day of my life I haven't laughed at an "Aceism".  It may have been laughing through tears...but I have laughed.  
We're planning a November Disneyworld trip with my sisters family and my parents.  We had to measure the boys with shoes on to prepare for our Fast Passes and it's official.

Ty's tall.  This kid is wearing size 10 pants, size 4 shoe, and he's probably going to be on top of the baseball bat growth chart before the 1st grade.  
I kind of like it.  I was always the tallest kid in class until the boys "finally" caught up to me. He looks so much older than a Kindergarten kiddo.  He's my "old soul" kid.  Sure he has his "6yo" moments when he's tired or hangry (angry/hungry) but he is seriously so sweet and kind and his heart is just...good as gold.

And then Acey.  Oh, what a pistol.  I'm cracking up at his picture because it's just so him.  His shoes are on the wrong feet.  He doesn't care.  He put them on so he is perfect (in Ace's world).  He's such a big personality.  I wonder where he gets that from?  
He recently began quoting movies.  And reading site words.  And inviting friends over to our house without asking anyone.  
PreK has been an adjustment for him but that convo is for another day.  Ace is Ace and I love him more than words.  He knows the way to my everyones' heart.
Arm candy and my terrible addition.  Coke.
Fitbit?  Obsessed.  15k steps per day.  I run every morning and it's still hard to get 15k steps in each day.
Poptarts for the win.
Can they not sell these things in bulk on Amazon?  This particular picture was on game day.  Reds game day.
Dude was pumped.
Now if I could only find them at the store again....
This is what happens when friends spend the night after the first 3 days of school, Mom comes home and says "lets go eat breakfast at the park" and then the kids play outside for 4 hours.  I tried to wake him up for lunch before his baseball game and he was out.  
He's cute.  Yes, he's my kid but he's cute.  He knows it.
This poster was supposed to be a homework assignment for him.  I wish I could have seen him present the poster to his friends and teacher.  It's sums him up nicely.  And, it also shows his personality's big.
Here comes Labor Day.  Here comes our official "end of summer".  Here comes slumber parties, a date night, swimming, the zoo, birthday celebrating, breakfasts with friends and an agenda that keeps getting more full.
I kind of love it.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Patti's Place Perfection

Last Sunday night we celebrated Todd's parents Birthdays and anniversaries at Patti's Place.  
I mean, delicious doesn't come close to describing how good the food was. 
Checkout the meringue on GG's pie...
But the pictures...these are some of my favorites...
The end!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dear Mrs. H

I may or may not actually give this letter to you. I don't want to be THAT Mom.
Except I am.
My baby. My Ty Man. Well, he wears his heart on his sleeve. He may be bigger than the other kids and even look years older, but he just turned 6. 
I love him.
I know you will too. Promise. He's happy. He's a friend to everyone and he makes sure others are taken care of. 
He likes to talk. He gets it honest. He also likes to be first in everything. He gets that honest too. 
Competitive? Yep, it's in the genes. 
He likes and baseball are his favorites but during basketball season he'll probably tell you basketball is. 
He needs his sleep and if he's bored, he just may rest his eyes accidentally.  I blame it on his allergy meds. Or,  just blame it on the genes too.
Our family? We're pretty close. We laugh. We love to travel together and we're going to Disneyworld this fall. Ty will be talking about it I'm sure.
Ty loves Jesus and he may talk about church and even pray for his lunch. I pray that he does.
Ty's best friend is in the class across the hall. They've been buddies since their Mama and I were pregnant at the same time. You'll know what I mean when they're high 5'ing in the hallway.
If I'm really honest with you, I'd pay big bucks if you'd install a webcam to your classroom. I know you can't but...
Part of heart will be in your classroom everyday this school year.. While I'm working, I'm constantly wondering what my boys are doing. Without me. 
And while you're teaching my child, someone is doing the same for your child.
So thank you. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your willingness to teach kids every day that really aren't yours.
We stopped by school last night and we prayed. We prayed for the school year and the safety of everyone in the building. 
We prayed for the teachers and students
We prayed for school lunches and Ace, Ty's 4 year old brother, prayed for cool pencils and the slides (the playground was in front of us.). You'll probably learn quickly about "Ace-ism's". 
We thanked God for him having a hand in placing our baby with you. 
We're excited and I've shed a few "happy" tears today.

But, we're grateful. 
Hugs to you. And, pass one on to my boy for me. He likes 'em.
Audrey (Ty's Mama)

'Twas the night before kindergarten

School is back in session. Tomorrow.
The best summer ever, according to Ty, is over. Never fear, it's still hot though...he says. Summer is still here. Until it's cold.
I guess that's kind of because summer really isn't a daily vacation for my kiddos. Sure they don't sit in a classroom each day and have homework each night but they do attend "school" year around. In classrooms. With field trips mixed in with fun. 
Ty's snoring like a man and Ace is doing his whispering thing...he does it anytime he goes to sleep. He has full blown whispering conversations. With himself. Quite the entertainer...
Ace officially starts PreK tomorrow and Ty is doing his "real" Kindergarten year.  We're in love with their teachers. The boys are excited and Ace even gets to bring a backpack (empty) to school. It's a big day.
We stopped by Audubon to pray tonight on our way home
We have clothes laid out. Backpacks ready. Lunch is packed. Forms are signed. Checks are written. Meds have been delivered. I think we're ready.
I know Ty is. And Ace too.
But, I'd be okay with hitting the pause button right about now.

This picture melts me into mush.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Being a Brother... way better than being a Superhero. 
We had some new pics taken Saturday morning in downtown Owensboro by a new photographer. 
I mean...
I love these fun shots of my guys.
And no, Batman was not Daddy. 
Ty thought he was a bit too big to do these...because he's 6 now and all.
Acey loved the fun themed shoot however so much that he brought 2 'fits
and continued wearing it on our Target trip. 
Sometimes you just have to pick your battles.
Ty rocked out his Under Armour gear because he's loving some UA these days (aren't we all???).
Funny: Ace had to keep his costume on until we made it to the ball field so we could show Daddy. And Luke. Ace loves him some Luke D.
I cannot wait to get these images on the walls of the playroom. I am hoping for some frameless options (Fatheads, cardboard cutouts, etc.) to eliminate destruction via flying objects.